RenaI work to understand and conserve ecosystems into the future. I have a PhD in Spatial and Quantitative Marine Ecology from the University of Queensland (Supervised by Prof. Peter Mumby). My expertise in marine ecology and conservation developed from the urge to understand drivers of ecosystem change. This urge evolved into a multidisciplinary set of skills, spanning extensive fieldwork, 3D remote sensing and advanced statistical modeling.

My research combines field and laboratory data to predict ecosystem trajectories across space and time. For example, I use 3D maps to quantify the change in coral reef structure as a result of environmental change impacts. I use statistical modeling to predict the trajectory of coral reef structure in future environmental scenarios.

The tools and models I have developed inform management of marine and coastal ecosystems in several countries. As a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Sydney, I work with the NSW government (OEH and DPI) to understand the dynamics of the marine habitats inside and outside of protected areas. The multidisciplinary nature of my research has allowed me to use emerging technologies, such as Autonomous Underwater Vehicles.

My research is supported by The University of Sydney, the Great Barrier Reef Foundation and the Conservation Leadership Programme. Contact me at Renata Ferrari