Lectures and Seminars

Despite holding a research only position since my PhD, I have designed and delivered many lectures at the graduate and post-graduate level across several Australian and international universities. Subjects include 3rd year Marine Biology, Experimental Design, Spatial data analyses with R and Tropical Ecology (2012 – 2017). For example:

  • Ferrari (2016) Writing the methodological approach for a peer-reviewed paper. Early career and postgraduate 1-week workshop. Australian Marine Science Association, NSW, AUSTRALIA
  • Ferrari (2015) Assessing coral reef habitat structural complexity in a warming ocean. Seminar at the Marine Spatial Ecology Lab, University of Queensland, Brisbane, QLD, AUSTRALIA
  • Ferrari (2014) Exploring the Solitary Islands in 3D. Seminar at the Marine Discovery Series, National Marine Science Centre, Coffs Harbour, AUSTRALIA
  • Ferrari (2013) Spatial ecology of an underwater world: incorporating 3D into marine research. Seminar at the University of New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
  • Ferrari (2013) Bridging the gap between marine conservation and novel science. Seminar Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis, FRANCE
  • Ferrari (2013 – 2017) annual guest lecture for 3rd year undergraduate students in Marine Biology, The University of Sydney, AUSTRALIA.

Eagle ray

Field courses

  • Course coordinator and lead (2006 – 1016): “Tropical marine ecology and conservation field courses” both on the Great Barrier Reef and the Caribbean. Multiple Universities and non-governmental organizations: 10 % – 100 % course coordination and delivery.
  • Tutor (2008 – 2010):  “Field Ecology and Environmental Sciences”, University of Exeter (UK).
  • SCUBA certificates PADI Dive Master with 2000+ dives – I hold all necessary qualifications to conduct and supervise field work according to Australian Standards (Occupational standards). I am able to take the ADAS Commercial Diver Course if necessary.