“In order to care for something, first one must love it. In order to love something, first one must know it.” – Chinese proverb

These publications and media interviews have had an important impact on the local communities I’ve worked with. They are basic information about the importance and conservation of the ocean.


  1.  Sydney Environment Institute blog.“It is time: action on the Great Barrier Reef is needed now” by Steve Doo. April 5, 2015.
  2.  SBS Your Language program about her marine research on the Great Barrier Reef and the 2016 massive bleaching event. March 30, 2016.
  3. 2SER FM about research on the various species of fish in Sydney Harbour. “Why can’t we find Nemo?” 26 October, 2015.
  4. SBS Your Language program about her marine robotics research – “What is hidden in the deep sea?” June 28, 2015.
  5. The Coffs Coast Advocate “Models of marine park impress”. Nov 19, 2014.
  6. ABC National Science Week 2013 “Explore the Seafloor: citizen science project” by ABC Science and the Integrated Marine Observing System http://exploretheseafloor.net.au/
  7. Collaborative and Automative Tools for Analysis of Marine Imagery classification scheme for scoring marine biota and substrata in underwater imagery, 2013 http://catami-australia.blogspot.com.au/p/about.html
  8. Society for Conservation Biology spotlight: http://www.conbio.org/membership/members-spotlight/renata-ferrari-legorreta

Rhys dolphins

Media publications

  1. Ayroza C and Ferrari R (2013) CATAMI samples: a quick guide to the CATAMI common categories along the Sub-tropical Eastern Australian coast. Prezi
  2. Klein C and Ferrari R (2013) Conflicting seafood sustainable guides confuse consumers. The Conversation
  3. Ferrari R (2008) Marine debris Rising TIDE (6): 1 – 2 tidebelize.org/
  4. Ferrari R and Rodríguez T (2008) A conch’s good aim. Rising TIDE (5): 1 – 2
  5. Ferrari R (2008) Where the sea meets the sky. Rising TIDE (4): 1 – 2
  6. Ferrari R and Rodríguez T (2008) Sand Factory. Rising TIDE (3): 1 – 2
  7. Ferrari R and Rodríguez T (2008) Sleeping well covered Rising TIDE (2): 1 – 2
  8. Ferrari R and Rodríguez T (2008) Barracuda’s Bad Reputation II Rising TIDE (1): 1 – 2
  9. Ferrari R and Rodríguez T (2006) Barracuda’s Bad Reputation I Full Sail Friends of Nature (1): 1 – 2

GReat barracuda