Research & Innovation

I use a multidisciplinary approach to map, monitor and model marine ecosystems. For now this site focuses on my research around novel 3D technology, and has a little of information about other aspects of my research.

I strive to use the latest technology to solve every day challenges. For instance, I use innovative 3D technologies to reconstruct 3D maps of the marine ecosystems I study. 3D maps are very useful to quantify 3D metrics, like volume and habitat structural complexity. Below is an example of a 3D model of a Table coral from Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef. I use many models like this one to measure the growth and erosion of coral colonies in the field.

3D model of table coral colony in Lizard Island lagoon – 3D models are large files please allow a couple of minutes for it to load after pressing play – once it is loaded you can use your mouse to move the 3D model (hold your left click mouse button to turn the model, hold your right click mouse button to pan, use your mouse scroll to zoom)

To find out more about my research and 3D models of marine ecosystems go here.